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The best sat navs on sale right now

Need a sat nav? Here are the best ones you can get right now!

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I remember a time when having sat nav in your car was a proper luxury and, if you were really fancy, your sat nav was even built into the car from the factory! Nowadays in-car navigation is ubiquitous and even your common or garden smart phone can help navigate you to where you want to go. For those of us who want to invest in a sat nav there's an almost ridiculous level of choice out there, so I've put together a guide to the best of the bunch that you can buy right now. Get one of these and you'll never get lost again! At least, hopefully you won't...

The market leader?

TomTom GO Premium

The TomTom Go Premium isn't cheap but it can navigate you around the globe and gets free updates

TomTom's been king of in-car navigation for years and has even provided factory-fitted sat navs for car manufacturers such as Renault (my 2014 Scenic has a TomTom navigation system built in!). This Sat Nav Go Premium 6 inch is the top of the TomTom range and for the rather sizeable price you get worldwide maps, live traffic and speed camera alerts that regularly update for free over Wi-Fi for the lifetime of the device. It also has last mile navigation capability and it's fully IFTTT compatible, so you can sync any smart devices you have with it. As a great example of what you can get right at the top of the in-car navigation hierarchy, you probably can't get much better than this.

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Great value

TomTom Start 52

Get TomTom ease of use for a bargain price

If you don't want to spend an almost exorbitant amount of money on a sat nav and/or you're not that fussed about driving abroad, TomTom offer a cheaper option in the Sat Nav Start. Whilst it has somewhat reduced functionality and only offers maps of the UK and Ireland or Western Europe (depending on what version you go for), it's still a very good piece of kit.

Buy the Sat Nav Start (Western Europe only) now on Amazon

Buy the Sat Nav Start (UK and ROI only) now on Amazon

Easy Rider

TomTom Rider 500

Designed for motorcyclists, the Rider 500 can even plan your route to include interesting roads

TomTom also make the Rider 500, a sat nav specifically designed for motorcycles! Like other TomTom units, the Rider 500 has free lifetime over the air map updates for over 40 different countries via Wi-Fi and full smartphone/smart device integration. In the Rider 500's case, this includes the ability to read text messages from your phone, hands-free calling and easy access to your music library. This unit also has a function that will deliberately try to plan your route via the most interesting roads to give you a fun riding experience.

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The other big player

Garmin Drive 52

The Drive 52 packs in a host of features for a very reasonable price

Garmin has been offering sat navs for decades now as well as being a huge provider of GPS and glass cockpit technology to the aviation industry. The Garmin Drive 52 EU MT-S has an easy to use 5 inch display and comes with full UK and EU (including the Republic of Ireland) maps. It can also recieve live traffic and parking updates if you pair it with a smartphone and it'll alert you to school zones, speed cameras and speed limit changes. It's not a cheap unit, but with that much mapping coverage it's definitely worth the price!

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The big display

Garmin DriveSmart 65

The DriveSmart has loads of features including a pretty, edge to edge display

If you want a sat nav that's a bit more high-spec, Garmin also have you covered with that with the DriveSmart 65 MT-D. This unit has a fancy 6.95 inch "Edge to Edge" display and the most expensive versions have Alexa integration. As you'd expect, it's very expensive, but you're getting an incredible amount of features for your money.

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Awesome value

Awesafe Sat Nav

Awesafe's sat-nav packs all the features of the big name systems but at a much cheaper price

Is this Awesafe awesome value for money?

Much like the previous feature-laden units from the biggest brands above, this Awesafe sat nav has an easy-to-use 5 inch screen and lifetime map updates for up to 48 European countries. The big difference between this and the bigger name units is that it's a noticeably cheaper proposition. It also comes with a handy bracket holder that's designed to be non-slip and can also work with a smartphone, something that might come in handy if you also like to use your phone for navigation. If value for money is your main concern, this might be one of your best bets!

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Big rig

Awesafe Sat Nav for Trucks

Drive a Winnebago or haul a large caravan? This sat-nav can guide you around width restrictors

If you have a bit more money to spend, Awesafe also make a bigger sat nav. This one has a 9 inch screen with a suction cup mount at the bottom, designed to fit onto the top of your vehicle's dashboard. This one seems to be aimed more at people who drive commercially and those who need a sat nav for their motorhome, so if that's the kind of thing you're looking for this might be a better buy than the cheaper 5 inch version.

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MIO MiVue Drive 65

The Drive 65 incorporates a dashcam as well as providing the regular sat-nav features you'd expect

When you first take a look at the Mio MiVue Drive 65 LM, you might be a bit in shock over how much it costs compared to other sat navs on the market. There is a very good reason for this however and that reason is that, as well as a full navigation system, it also contains a dashcam! It has a larger touchscreen than a lot of sat nav units at 6.2 inches and it has full maps of 44 European countries with free lifetime updates. The integrated dashcam is no slouch either, as it records HD video right out of the box! If you want something that's a bit more than a sat nav and you don't mind paying the pretty high price for that, this is probably the one you want to go for.

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  • I don't think I would invest any money in one, when smartphones do just well. Extra comfort isn't really worth it.

    I had a factory one in Clio 4 and it was a joy, I must admit... built in, easy to read, syncronized with the radio and car noise... but it lasted for a year and dropped dead on me. As it was a company car, nobody wanted to go into expenses of replacing it and warranty didn't cover it (somehow).

    It is good, but just isn't worth it.

      4 months ago
  • No offense, but do people still buy satnav? In my country most people use Waze on their smartphones and I use Google maps. It just feels redundant.

      4 months ago
    • In Canada we do as we dont have unlimited data plans and it gets really expensive every month.

      If govt would throttle the cell providers to offer US type programs here then sat nav sales would drop to zero. Govt/ corp conspiracy to get deeper...

      Read more
        4 months ago