The best toys for James May

We all know the passion of James May for Lego sets and assembly of toy models of cars and motorcycles. Among his projects there is a large-scale life-size Lego house with functioning systems inside, with a working shower and toilet, and even James's beloved cat.

James living in Lego house

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Once, for the movie Toy Story, James put together a full-size model of a real airplane. Now it is housed in a large-scale museum in the UK, which conducts biennial demonstration flights of aircraft with tricks and large-scale festivals, which James likes to visit. Next to the model of the plane, fans like to take pictures and tweet about it very much. This is a kind of flash mob.

And of course, James does not part with toy kits for modeling motorcycles, cars, trains and much more. But I’m sure of one thing, James didn’t have such sets that I once found on the Internet.

People of different professions supported a funny general idea, demonstrating their work in the form of a children's set for the game. They placed all their equipment and accessories on the floor, laying next to them. Thus, each child’s dream set turned out to be ... It was captured from a height. They can create creative funny advertisements and recruit new employees who are enthusiastic.

Feeling like toys, seeing the world a little differently, this is a very interesting experiment. Just remember how enthusiastically kids wanted to play such a set! Consider carefully each toy, come up with a heroic situation ... Definitely it will cheer up and give a boost of energy and joy to everyone!

I wonder what the Grand Tour set would look like?

Fashion Grand Tour Fun

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  • The museum the life size James May Airfix Spitfire is based is called Cosford.

    I loved the programs he did on toys as his all time favourite in both his James Mays top toys programme the toy stories series was my favourite as well which is the train set.

    12 days ago
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  • Those pictures are hilarious!

    11 days ago
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