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The best upmarket hatches on sale today.

And how I would spec them.

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If you are a small family or want a city car that has a premium feel, then the market is flooded with options. Here are what I think are the best, and how I would spec them. Feel free to comment your opinions below.

Audi S3 Black Edition

TFSI S tronic

Credit - Audi

Credit - Audi

This Audi is the sensible option, not the mad RS3, but with 'enough' power. 0-60 takes 4.7 seconds. It has business-like looks, and sharp styling. The Black Edition is definitely the one to go for though, the blackening of the chrome makes it look a lot more sporty. The Magnetic Ride has to come if you get the larger alloys, which makes sense, but is quite cheeky considering they are asking a grand for it. This paint colour though is incredible, and worth the money.

Options I added:

£995 Audi Magnetic Ride

£895 Matrix LED Lighting

£775 Panther Black Crystal Paint

£375 19" 5 arm wheels

On the Road Price: £40,655

Mercedes-AMG A35


Credit- Mercedes

Credit- Mercedes

This car is not my favourite in any way. I hate the colour choices, I think it looks droopy and sad at both ends, and I don't like the new design direction of the lights. However, this car has been widely praised, and therefore is included in the list.

As aforementioned, I don't like the colour choices, but this is the best. There are some pale colours that look a bit stupid, and some greys and silvers that make it look like an average hatch. However, add the free Night package, and it improves the look.

Options I added:

£2,500 AMG Premium Package

On the Road Price: £39,195

BMW M135i


Credit - BMW

Credit - BMW

The 1 series has always been a bit of an outsider. It had a longitudinally mounted straight six, and rear wheel drive. Now they have gone mainstream. A smaller, transversely mounted engined, and front wheel drive take BMW into a new segment. Have they smashed it out the park? In short, no. Why, oh why, is there not an M1. This is still just a warm hatch.

With a few tasteful specifications, you can add a premium look. Gesture control has always been a gimmick, but BMW has actual made it work without you looking like a pillock.

Options I added:

£1,500 M135i Plus Pack

£500 Icon Adaptive LED Headlights

£350 Gesture Control

On the Road Price: £39,340

Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic

P200 AWD

Credit - Jaguar

Credit - Jaguar

Jaguar doesn't build a small hatchback officially, but it does do one in a crossover guise. It looks extremely good, and specced up like this is looks great. I went for a strong petrol, because this is a heavy car and needs a big engine.

I picked the big wheels, to carry the crossover vibe, but they do cost a lot, so make your own choice on that one. I am pleased with how this car turns out with the combination of red and black.

Options I added:

£2,790 21" Diamond Turned Wheels

£820 Adaptive Dynamics

£640 Firenze Red

£360 Black Exterior Pack

£310 Dynamic Handling Pack

On the Road Price: £40,220

Lexus CT200h


Credit - Lexus

Credit - Lexus

Lexus offers very little in the way of customisation. You pick one of three trims, and then choose a free paint, and a free alloy design. This is also a very left-field choice in the segment, with a hybrid engine and very adventurous styling, wrapper up in ordinary clothes.

Therefore, I added no options, but chose this deep red to bring out the lines of the car.

On the Road Price: £33,250

Aston Martin Cygnet

1.33 Edition

Credit - Aston Martin

Credit - Aston Martin

This car is not like the others. It is a 2011 model, it has 30,000 miles on the clock, it is a segment below the other cars and it's made by Aston Martin. But if you are a badge person, you may want a car like this, or just for the coolness that no other city car has.

On the Road Price: £35,000

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Comments (2)

  • Audi s3 more like the official uk gang car 😂

      1 year ago
  • Where I live I wouldn't have any of these as they get stolen. Apart from the Cygnet that might be avoided by thieves.

      1 year ago