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The best use of a Porsche 911 Carrera SC

Leh Keen builds one-off amazing off-road Porsche safari cars that need to be dirty

2y ago

Until this recently I never thought I would want to take a Porsche 911 off-road. That is before I read about 'The Keen Project' in which Leh Keen builds one-off Porsche Safari cars. This modified 911 can be the right tool for almost any situation, water, snow and dirt.

To date, the project has been very successful. Project Safari 911 is now up to build number 14 with Matt Farah's car. You can read about this car in my previous post on the Neunelfer tribe.

The cost for a Keen Safari 911? Other sources have quoted around USD$90-100K including the 911 base car. The work that Leh puts in is around USD60K. Of course the cost of the ever increasing base 911 Carrera SC will impact the total cost.

Watch the video below to see how much fun can be had in a classic Porsche 911, off-road.

Watch this as well

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