The Best Use Of The Hellcat Engine Isn't In A Challenger

1y ago


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-sized SUV designed to give its owners all the utility of a family car with the added bonus of Jeep's legendary off road prowess. It comes as standard with 300+ horsepower V6 and is more than capable of hauling the wife, kids, and all their stuff in comfort. Jeep has even made some fast versions utilizing V8's that were a bit over the top but still relatively with in reason. Enter the Trackhawk which in today's world is a gigantic middle finger to economy and all things sensible.

Inside all auto manufacturers live a group that live on the edge. A bunch of designers that throw out ridiculous ideas using available parts. One of these fine individuals must have approached the Jeep brass with, "Hey, what if we stuffed a Hellcat into a Jeep?" Knowing full well that such a ludicrous idea would be immediately thrown out. Only in this case the top brass didn't say no and make the individual responsible immediately take a "random" drug test. No, they said yes and the Trackhawk was born.

A Jeep that has 707 horsepower, can get to 60 MPH in 3.5 seconds and absolutely blitz the quarter mile in 11.6 seconds. This is the fastest SUV currently on sale today. To any logical, sane, rational human person the Trackhawk is a vehicle that has no business being on sale to the public and yet it is and we as the human race are better off for it.

The best use of a Hellcat isn't in a pony car, everyone expects those to have some form of fire-breathing monster under the hood. The best use is where nobody expects it. Put it in a family car where the world thinks a reasonable engine should live. Take out the sensible and replace it with a dose of insanity. Then notice the looks on people's faces as you absolutely smoke them in a Jeep SUV!

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