The BF Bifta, Possibly The Most Underrated Driver's Car in GTA

This simple, light, inexpensive, impractical, and charismatic beach buggy may be the perfect car to fill the fun slot in your garage

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In the world of Grand Theft Auto, there are countless cars and motorcycles a player can purchase (or steal) to fill their virtual garages. However, a bolt of disappointment will strike any car enthusiast, as most garages are filled with poorly modified, and overpriced supercars. Well, what about the GTA Online car community? I mean yes, there are tastefully modded cars, but something is still wrong. Maybe you have spotted a nice Pariah at a car meet and think to yourself, "I'd fancy one of those in my garage." Once the meet is over, you head onto Legendary Motorsport, only to discover two things: that the car costs 1.42 million GTA$, and you only have 120k GTA$ on your account. My solution to this problem is to travel back to November 19th 2013, the release of the Beach Bum Update.

Ah yes, the Beach Bum Update, the first DLC introduced into GTA Online. This update included some pretty standard stuff, a couple weapons, new threads, and most importantly, new cars. As you've probably guessed from the title, this article is focusing around the BF Bifta. The starting price of the Bifta was, free. Yes you heard that right, free. You might be thinking right now "Rockstar releasing free vehicles? Every one of them included in the update? That's impossible!" Well if you were reading carefully I stated that it WAS free. All vehicles added in Beach Bum were free up until the high life update. If you want a Bifta today, you'll need a five digit cheque of 75 grand.

So what are you getting for the equivalent of pennies in the world of GTA? Honestly, not a whole lot. Other than basic car features such as some wheels and an engine, the only "luxuries" you'll be getting are a windshield, and an AM/FM radio with a CB unit. In the back, the Bifta possesses a flat four engine, which is matted to a 5 speed manual gearbox. Right about now I would be telling you the top speed, but there are no gauges of any kind to be seen. Okay, so no gauges, what about power? Well because of how light it is power is an irrelevant figure, all you need to know is that is has plenty for something that weighs as much as a convection oven. I can tell you though, once you've given the Bifta the beans, it feels like going into hyperspace. Naturally, when approaching a corner faster than speed of light it would be completely normal to start braking. However, after many hours of driving my own Bifta, even with the brakes upgraded it tends to struggle when slowing down.

In terms of agility, the Bifta can only be compared to a young, spry rabbit. It has an absurdly short wheelbase, making the Weeny Issi look like a limousine. This uniquely sized wheelbase when put together with drive at the rear and basically no weight, means that the Bifta is an absolute hoot to drive. Do not take this lightly, as the short wheelbase will also catch the careless off guard, sending the car into the nearest hedge. Once the handling characteristics have been mastered, effortlessly powersliding through an intersection will become a regular occasion in the Bifta, but the fun will never end. To make the handling perfect, I would suggest adding a rear wing, which can come in a carbon, primary, or secondary colour finish.

Speaking of cosmetics, the Bifta has plenty to offer. As seen above, you can fit an optional roof, but I prefer to keep it topless as I find it ruins the purpose of the beach buggy. Exhaust upgrades can also be fitted to make the car spit flames when letting off the throttle. Primary and secondary colours can be applied, with primary being the body, and secondary being the chassis and stripe. Custom sideskirts and racing harness can also be fitted. Although, there is no option for doors, which can be a bit problematic when being shot at from other players or the police. The only real advantages of the Bifta in terms of defence is its small size and agility, which allows it to sneak around the narrow alleyways of Los Santos with ease. In a racing situation, the Bifta isn't amazing either. Being placed in the offroad class, it's overshadowed by many vehicles, especially the Manchez dirtbike. It is a bit of a shame because its snappy handling and short and stiff suspension means that it can't compete well in offroad races, but it fits in no other class because of its characteristics. The Bifta is definitely an outcast, but a good one at that.

To close this article I will provide step-by-step instructions of what to do next:

1. Buy a Bifta

2. Don't think of it as a posh BF Injection

3. Customize it to your liking

4. Have fun with the most amazing vehicle in the game, and turn some heads at your next GTA car meet

5. Thank you for reading my article, and if you would, please answer my poll below

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