The big cat is back

The jaguar xf is a gentleman until provoked...

4y ago

Driving around in the XF is an experience. From the second you see her sitting in the parking waiting patiently for her next drive you get a little butterfly in the pit of your stomach.

The sweeping lines of the aluminium frame sooth any nerves you may have over the roar of the engine. Turning the key brings a soft purr into the cabin, a fitting sound, suiting of the plush leather interior.

My time with the XF was short, a replacement for my a burning cabin of death (faulty AC). From the first minute of starting her up I knew this was a special car. With acceleration far beyond anything I could have expected from a car that looks so stayed and calm.

The overall handling was excellent, coming from my extremely tank like FJ Cruiser, the smooth and gripping cornering was truly something to marvel at. This is not the kind of car to buy purely to cruise around the city, this is a drivers car.

There is something extremely James Bond Esque in the way it drives. Quickly shifting from a modern gentleman, into a screaming lunatic that just wants that extra mile.

Overall, this is a Jag like no other, a how to in building cars. The big cat has regained its crown, long live Jaguar.

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