The Big Fat Car Survey

Have you ever wondered what cars that random old person on the other side of the road likes? Me neither...but here is a survey that answers it anyway!

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If you have visited the All Polls tribe recently, you might have noticed the race car battle polls published by me, Samuel Pettifar, and Aaron Hussain. Well, all of them are a part of the ‘Big Fat Car Survey’ that our trio is hosting.


What’s the objective?

Do you ever just wonder, for no reason, what a random person prefers in their car? Which sort of cars do they like? Cars of which era melt their hearts? This survey aims to answer at least some of them. We plan on inviting participants of all demographics — all ages and all countries. In the end, I will post an analysis based on the collected data, which might provide some insight into what kind of people like which types of cars, amongst other things.

I need your help!

If you are taking the time to read this letter of pleading, chances are that you are a petrolhead. Your participation in this poll will be crucial, but so will be that of your parents, your children (even though you’re really just a 14 y/o Supra fanboi), your partner (I know you’re too geeky to have one but anyway), your relatives, and your friends. Doesn’t matter how less someone loves cars, their view shall be counted.

All you are required to do is click on the link that takes you to my Google Form. You will be asked for your name, which you may choose not to provide. Next, you will have to select your age bracket and your nationality because that would help us analyse the data. Last, you will have 10 cars of various categories – out of which you have to choose for the three you like the most. Each car represents its own category for the decades between 1920 and 2020. Thus, 100 years of cars will be put to test here!

I urge you…

I urge you personally to help me gather participants for this. It doesn’t cost any money, nor any effort. All it requires from your side is to forward the link to basically everyone you know. Just a few clicks on the screen and they can submit their response.

Thank you for reading and I await your response!

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