The Big Formula Once Engine Quiz

2y ago

The Ferrari flat twelve was very successful in the 1970s. Why did it disappear?

  • It was too thirsty
  • Excess weight
  • Aerodynamics
  • Turbocharging took over
  • The designer died

Honda's 2015 RA615H power unit was infamously weak. How much collective power (ICE+hybrid) did it actually push out?

  • 705
  • 662
  • 615
  • 580
  • 534

What was the innovative but unsuccessful all wheel drive Lotus 56B powered by?

  • A Wankel rotary
  • A diesel
  • A Porsche flat six
  • An Indycar V8
  • A gas turbine

What was Cosworth working on before bucking to the trends and settling on a V6 for their late debut in the turbo era?

  • A turbo variant of the DFV V8
  • A four cylinder
  • A rotary
  • An Indycar-based engine
  • A three cylinder

In 2002, Arrows used Asiatech V10 engines. What were they based on?

  • Cosworth
  • Renault
  • BMW
  • Ferrari
  • Peugeot

After losing Honda in 1992, McLaren had four different engine suppliers in four years. Which were they?

  • BMW, Yamaha, Judd, Ilmor
  • Ford, Lamborghini, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz
  • Renault, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Subaru
  • Cosworth, Judd, Mugen, Hart

Besides Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Subaru/Motori Moderni, which other manufacturer raced a flat-12?

  • Matra
  • Maserati
  • BRM
  • Tecno
  • Honda

Which brand of engine was responsible for this legendary fireball?

  • Peugeot
  • Yamaha
  • Cosworth
  • Mugen-Honda
  • Hart
  • Judd

Driver Bruno Giacomelli once complained the Life F35 W12 made a strange unexpected noise. What did he suspect was wrong?

  • Snapped timing chain
  • Loose balance weights
  • Clogged injectors
  • Broken exhaust
  • All the cylinders were operating as normal

Where did the unique Scarab get its engine from?

  • A sportscar
  • A rally car
  • A failed prototype road car
  • Indycar
  • Drag racing

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