- The Toyota Supra from The Fast and the Furious.

The Biggest Errors Made By Famous Modern Car Movies

Movie-errors happen all the time, but they are pretty hard to find. That's why this article will take you on a little Road Trip through Error-Country.

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Do you have a favourite car-related movie? Do you watch it over and over again, gradually uncovering small and big mistakes made by the filming crew during production? If you answered yes, then this article is for you.

During the production of a movie mistakes and errors are bound to happen. Sometimes they get noticed by the crew, sometimes they don't - and when they don't they end up on Youtube sooner or later. Also, the bigger the movie the greater the chance that errors creep in. For this article, I picked three of the most successfull modern car movies to amuse you with their biggest mistakes.

#1: The Fast And The Furious

The Fast and The Furious counts as one of the most well-known car movies of all time. Observant viewers will also find a lot of small and big mistakes within certain scenes of the movie - ranging from missing wheels to suspiciously fast acceleration. But see for yourself:

#2: Cars

Although Cars is an animated movie and mostly aimed at a younger audience, I still decided to put it on this list - not only because Jeremy Clarkson had a minor role on the UK-version of the movie as Lightening McQueen's agent Harv, but also because it shows how animated films are prone to mistakes also:

#3: Mad MAx: Fury Road

Together with The Fast and The Furious the Mad-Max-movie-series is one of the most iconic car feature ever made. However, its newest descendent, Mad Max Fury Road, isn't exempt from errors either:

Anyway, if you love (car-)movies and like to watch someone ranting on about mistakes and illogical stuff, take a look at CinemaSin's youtube-channel. Do you have a favourite car movie that's full of tiny errors, too? Point it out in the comments below.

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