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The Black Forest Highway - Europe's Greatest Driving Roads: Ford Focus ST TDCI

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Checkout 'Ford Focus ST TDCI Estate Tackles the B500 in The Black Forest, Germany' kindly provided to MotorMartin by Ford Europe from their excellent YouTube Channel m.youtube.com/channel/UC-uGdDHxmwi_eH5t_ph9uuw. It's well worth subscribing.

Ford Europe have kindly shared with MotorMartin the following: Join Steve as he drives the Ford Focus ST TDCI Estate across this rewarding stretch of the Black Forest and fall in love with every corner of the great driving road.

The 40km or so of the B500 in the middle of the enchanting Black Forest are some of the most challenging kilometres you will drive anywhere in Germany – but well worth the effort.

And they’re not wrong. Settle down and take in the unique experience of watching the Ford Focus ST being driven how it should be on some of the best roads that Germany can offer.


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