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Introducing ‘The Blue Shark’ Ducati Panigale R cafe racer - arguable the world's FASTEST cafe racer.

3y ago

With the circus that is the World Superbike Championship wrapping up for the weekend at the Imola circuit, Ducati asked a few select journalists to stay behind. After a superlative-laden speech by Ducati supremo Claudio Domenicali, they hit the track on the brand new 2016 Ducati Panigale R. To say that they were gobsmacked would be a gross understatement.

So it’s probably for the best that a certain bunch of Swiss motorcycle fanatics weren’t on hand. Undoubtedly they would be thinking that there was even more to be had from the bike. Fortunately, their absence did nothing to quell their creativity. And the result is arguably the world’s fastest cafe racer; a unique collaboration of talents that has delivered a freakishly cool animal known simply as ‘The Blue Shark’.

The incubator for this mind-bending project was the imagination of Parts World CEO Andy Matter. “The idea for The Blue Shark came step by step,” he begins. “After browsing the web and many other sources, I found out that no one had ever customised a Panigale R as a cafe racer. Moreover, even the Ducati specialists were doubtful anyone would succeed with such a project. That said ‘Hey, it is already the world’s most beautiful sportsbike, you can only make it worse!”

“That’s when the trigger was pulled in my head,” says Andy. It just so happens that Parts World is Switzerland’s premier aftermarket distributor and to make this insanity happen, they joined forces with Ducati Zentralschweiz, Schaub Metalworks and exhaust giant Akrapovic to form the ultimate dream team.

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  • Wow! No holding back. Very neat work😍

      3 years ago