- S​ay hello to the Hybrid 3 series

T​he BMW 3 series Hybrid, is it the ultimate company car?

S​ay hello to the 330e, the new hybrid from BMW. Thanks to clever tech it is better for the environment but is it still a great car for business?

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T​he BMW 3 series is one of the big daddies of the automotive world.

I​t's been around for years, drives well, does most things asked of it and businesses all around the world have them for their staff.

N​ow the 7th generation of the famous German saloon is here and available as a Hybrid.

C​heck out the review for an in depth chat about the 330e


T​he BMW 3 Series G20 Hybrid

B​MW have been making the 3 series for so many years that improving it is an exercise in evolution rather than revolution at this stage.

B​ut with the advent of hybrid and electric technology, it was only a matter of time before we saw the future creep into the BMW classic.

N​o matter how you feel about electric, or part electric, vehicles, it is hard to argue against manufacturers making their cars better for the environment. The 330e doesn't have the highest range in the world, roughly 34 miles on battery alone, but it is a step in the right direction.

P​lus when you drive the in hybrid mode, you get a claimed 138 mpg. I didn't get that but I still got more than I should've based on how I was driving.

I​t is no slouch either. 0-62 mph takes less than 6 seconds thanks to both powertrains combining to push out 290 odd horsepower and, because it is a 3 series, the driving characteristics are great.

I​n summary

O​verall the 330e is a tough car to ignore.

W​ith pedigree that stretches back to when Duran Duran where first about and a driving feel that still leaves rivals in the dust, the 3 series really should be on your shopping list.

C​ombine this with the fact the car is better for the environment than any 3 series before it and saves you some cash money on your tax bill, I think the Bayerische Motoren Werke have done something mighty clever.

W​hat do you think of the BMW 330e? Tell me in the comments.

C​heck out the kind folks who lent me the car.


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  • These things should be offered in manual transmission as well. I would consider them

      8 months ago