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The BMW 750 Tupac was shot in is on sale for $1.75 million

I'm sorry, HOW much?

1y ago

There's a huge market for celebrity, movie, and famous cars. Just look at any example of the DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies. The movie cars have huge collector value – especially for those in love with those movies.

You also see this with other movie cars, as evidenced by YouTuber Tavarish buying the hero Lamborghini Murcielago from Fast & Furious, and VinWiki Creator Ed Bolian buying the Lykan Hypersport from a other F&F franchise movie (which isn't really a Lykan at all). Both of these cars have gained huge popularity on YouTube and around the car community.

The reason I mention this is because another famous car is officially up for sale and you're not going to believe the price (even though I told you in the title). Tupac's BMW 750iL that he was shot in the night he died is up for sale for a scarcely believable $1,750,000. Yes those zeros are correct and that's not a typo, $1.75 million.

You can see the listing on Cars.com right now. It's being sold by Celebrity Cars Las Vegas.

The listing states:

"This 1996 BMW 7 Series 4dr Tupac Shakur features a 5.4L 12 CYLINDER 12cyl Gasoline engine. It is equipped with a 5 Speed Automatic transmission. The vehicle is Black with a Black Leather interior. It is offered As-Is, not covered by a warranty. - Leather Interior Surface, This is the actual car that Tupac Shakur was shot while riding in after a Fight at the MGM in Las Vegas. It was driven by Suge Knight and originally leased by Death Row Records."

So if you have a spare two mil burning a hole in your pocket, this might be the car for you! And with only 121k on the clock. Clearly this car was used heavily when owned by the late rapper.

According to the listing it's the first time the car has ever been up for sale or on display and if you want to get in contact about it, you can call 702-818-1031 or email info@celebritycarslv.com.

I can see this selling, to be honest. The price might seem insane, but given today's collector car market and the prices people pay for cars with a history and a story behind them, it's not too far fetched to see this happening.

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Comments (20)

  • It’s been listed by the same dealership for a lot less. There was an episode of Pawn Stars where they looked at

      1 year ago
    • I watched that episode. They should create an ongoing exhibition in one of of museums in Vegas and put this in there (for sale).

        1 year ago
  • Wow, never thought it would be for sale.

      1 year ago
  • Meh ... whatever

      1 year ago
  • This car goes on sale every other year. It's hard to believe that this is the actual car because some point a few years ago it was being auctioned off with the bullet holes on it

      1 year ago
  • But it isnt even shot. Not worth it

      1 year ago