The BMW 8 Series configurator is a bit tame - so we made our own

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Comments (5)

It's Friday and the clock is ticking towards going home time, so why not run down the time by having a play on the brand new BMW 8 Series configurator?

For the Belgians only

OK, the small caveat is that the configurator is only live if you happen to live in Belgium, and despite the 8 Series being one hell of a sexy looking car, the available choices are a bit on the tame side for us.

So we conjured up some of our own that we think fall on the side of far more interesting.

Stickerbomb equals yuk..

If BMW were to offer stickerbomb covered panels as an option, there is little doubt it would be part of a larger package including a terrible paint colour – which would, of course, cost a serious sum of money.

BMW 8 Series Harlequin. Excuse me, what now?

For this one, we apologise in advance, as it could give you nightmares. Sorry. Very sorry.

All of the lairyness

Yes, it's very bright yellow and that’s pretty much all we can say about it.

If your feeling creative, the Belgian configurator can be found here.

Are these the worst attempts at speccing an 8 Series? Vote below and get in on the comments to show us your efforts.

Join in

Comments (5)
  • What’s more screwy than following the path of an oddball VW on a new (almost)supercar

    1 month ago
  • definitely worse. just waiitng for it to hapen. Mansory anybody ?

    3 months ago
  • VW Polo Harlekin - Officially sold by VW in 1994

    3 months ago
  • "For this one, we apologise in advance, as it could give you nightmares. Sorry. Very sorry. "

    As someone who lived near someone who went potty and bought a Polo in this livery¹, thanks a bunch. Now I have to gouge my eyes out with a used mustard spoon. Again :)

    ¹ Until all the red bits faded to pink, of course, which took about a fortnight.

    3 months ago
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