The BMW Isetta

Can you mix silyness with brilliance?

4y ago

This is the Bmw Isetta 300 and it is a bubble car. It is shaped like a bubble. Of course, at first you can be alowed to think that a bubble car with a door at the front and only three wheels is a sily thing dreamt by your 2 1/2 year old baby cousin. A car with 300cc and a max speed of 53mph is not getting you anywhere.

But, from many views, the Isetta is indeed brilliant and in that case, congratulations. Your 2 1/2 year old cousin is a genius. The Isetta only needed a class IV license, it was cheap, it looked good and it is the mid-term between sily and usefull. It is small and fits into the tiniest of spaces, but also has those fluffy little headlights that make you laugh. To me then, this is a really defining car as, even by modern standards (where those stupid smart cars crawl all over the place) it is shocking and unique.

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  • surely will be a more stylish and unique way to move in a big city!

      3 years ago