The BMW That Inspired the iPhone

You could own the Late Steve Jobs old BMW Z8.

3y ago

On the 6th of December 2017, RM Sotherby’s auction house will be selling one of the best looking cars ever to be graced with the iconic BMW blue and white badge, the BMW Z8. What makes this one so special you ask? The fact it was first purchased by the late Steve Jobs, of Apple fame, in 2000.

The concept car that birthed the Z8 onto the showroom floors was the BMW Z07, first unveiled at the Tokyo Auto show in 1997. The car was an exercise in design and styling that wanted to celebrate the late BMW 507 and evoke people’s memories of the car in a new modern light. The concept amassed a huge fan base that lead BMW to build one for the open market, and who can blame them? The concept is a thing of utter beauty!

When the Z8 finally went on sale in 1999, it was a near replica of the concept, the only major change to the cars shape was the lack of that gorgeous double bubble roof line. The rest of the car was close to identical.

The cars unique design and high quality meant it came with a rather lofty price tag. The starting price was £80,000 in 1999, so roughly £130k in today’s budget. It’s thought its very modern looks combined with that price tag were the reason sales were slow. Some dealerships were sat on stock for nearly a year before finding a buy. By the time production stopped in 2003 there were less than 6000 of them on the road worldwide.

This didn’t stop Steve Jobs though. He picked up this very car in 2000 and enjoyed it until he sold in 2003. Its current owner is actually the cars 2nd and 4th owner, having sold the car in 2004 and eventually bought it back again in 2006. It now has just 15,200 miles on the clock and as you’d expect, comes with a full BMW service history.

This example even comes with many of the dealer options ticked from factory including the original hardtop, a car cover, and the rare BMW branded Motorola flip phone. Some have even joked that maybe it was this very phone that Gave Steve Jobs his game changing idea to reinvent the mobile!

The Z8 is an appreciating classing with examples selling for between £105,000 up to £247,000 in the past. This example on the other hand, because of its celebrity owner, has an estimate of £230,000 - £305,000.

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