The book about Paddington in The Grand Tour aloud and cartoons

The grand time for children... and adults

Once, Jeremy Clarkson’s mother came up with a good and kind Paddington bear cub for her children. But everyone loved the bear so much that it was able to get to each child in the house thanks to the kindness, love for children and the generosity of Jeremy's mother. And then they opened their successful Paddington Bears business, which helped them get rich. Everyone wanted to love such a cute little bear.

Once a book was written about Paddington and then films and cartoons were made ... But another person became their creator. And there was a whole story about this with disagreements. As a result, Jeremy’s mother made friends with this author, Michael Bond, and it all ended in a happy ending.

Paddington and The Grand Tour

You can find cartoons about Paddington here

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