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The Brabus 800 S63 Coupe is Menacingly Cool!

The S63 AMG with 800hp and 1000Nm of torque!

2y ago

By Tim Burton

Check out the Brabus 800 S Coupe! Not much can top a Mercedes S Class Coupe when it comes to 'baller status', especially not when it's a Brabus 800. In this case the Mercedes-AMG S63 is dialed up to 800 horsepower and presented in style so let's take a look, hear their new exhaust, and take it for a drive!

Brabus turn things up a notch, for example the 4.0l Biturbo V8 now makes 800hp (from 612hp stock) and 1,000nm of torque (from 850nm stock) - no small numbers by any stretch of the imagination. In addition the car is fitted with a new valve controlled exhaust system, external carbon aero parts, Brabus badging, and new wheels, which as a package on their traditional fully black launch spec turn it into something really quite menacing. On the interior in this case the car is largely unchanged, but of course Brabus also have the capability to completely transform it with new materials and finishes for the most personalised car imaginable too.

To discover the car, I'm at the Brabus HQ in Bottrop, Germany, where we can first explore and take a look around before it's time to jump on board for a drive and chance to get a feel for that amount of power. Upon return let's go through the interior functionality in more detail and the sheer level of luxury on offer from the S Class Coupe.

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Comments (7)

  • I really want to hear this, but I cannot bear the irritating numpty presenting it. He should be renamed Thrush!

      2 years ago
  • What does the S63 mean?

      2 years ago
    • S is for S-Class and 63 originally meant 6.3 litre NA V8. But nowdays 63 AMG models have downsized 4.0 V8 with two turbos

        2 years ago
  • All of that for just 0.4 and i bet it’s not cheap either

      2 years ago
  • 🛎🔚

      2 years ago
  • How irritating 😠

      2 years ago