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The brief history of the Porsche 901.

Aka the original 911.

2w ago

Available to the public before the number change, Porsche sold a grand total of 82 units. When it was unveiled in 1963, Porsche apparently wasn't aware that the French car company, Peugeot had officially trademarked car models with a "0" in the middle but only applied to road legal cars. The same also happened to the Porsche 904, changed to the Carrera GTS and 906 to Carrera 6, but weren't as greatly affected. So Porsche being Porsche, decided to change the 0 in the middle to a 1, making the most popular Porsche as we know today. Porsche later came out with the more practical 912, but if Peugeot's trademark hadn't been in place, it would've been known as the 902 instead.

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Comments (2)

  • Very cool. The Porsche 912 had a flat-4 and it was basically a more advanced variation of the 356 which is why the 912 has became very desirable for collectors now. I liked the quick write!

      15 days ago
  • I knew there had been a name change due to Peugeot but I didn't realize some 901s were sold—that's my "something new" learned for today! 😁

      15 days ago