The brilliance of FK8 acceleration.

Stock, 0-60 mph in less than 5.5 seconds with 306 hp.

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32w ago

Start Off:

Yesterday when I had the chance to drive my dad's Type R, I drove a few laps around a parking lot because I am still waiting for the day of my permit to be received. As I was doing laps around the lot, I had the FK8 in +R mode. The +R mode stiffens the suspension and offers a better turning radius whilst bumping up the power by a bit in order for the car to reach its full potential. The gripping around the corners was quite an experience for such a FWD machine and was unlike anything I had ever driven, from the somewhat active rear wing adjusting a tiny bit and allowing the car to stick to the ground better.

The mods come into play in terms of performance and handling

The Modifications:

From ECU tuning to exhaust and intake all the way to strut brace, all of it came into account into making the car propel itself quicker than a stock Civic Type R. For the ECU we tuned it to have more power than it usually would from first to second gear. The turbo flutter is more significant with the cold air intake and increases the power. The strut brace makes the body more rigid and helps with grip. For the exhaust, the decibel count is higher than stock inside and out of the FK8, but has more pollutants exiting the back. After all of the tweaks, the power output is estimated to be around 380 horsepower with the ECU having the most amount of power increase, which was 50 hp.

Acceleration Time:

Traction and stability control, on. Focus, on. I forgot to check for police cars beforehand but it didn't matter to me. Mirrors were adjusted, but useless. Yet all hell broke loose. My dad in the passenger seat, terrified deep inside knowing I was at the wheel, but somehow fit with a confident look saying to me as if we would have the moment of our lives, even if it lasts for less than a minute. Clutch pressed in, parking brake off. It's time. I let go of the clutch and apply the gas pedal, but this time, I floor it. Tires screech and the exhaust screams. Almost hit a loose door hanging from a trash bin but managed to avoid it easily. It went from 0 to 30 mph in god knows what time it was. All in the parking lot, seven thousand rpms. My body literally lost all feeling with my body pressed back into the alcantara seats as the FK8 creeped towards the redline. All of that power, and I never left first gear. Now the brakes are applied. My dad and I have survived. We swap seats and now my dad is back to driving the beast of a car, the Type R.

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