the british gp is not dead

don't believe the doom mongers!

4y ago

SO... As expected, Silverstone's owners have today filed their break clause with FOM to break their contract to host the British Grand Prix after the 2019 race.

After making a loss of 7.6million pounds hosting the race over the last two years, it was clear that running it with a continuing fee escalator was not going to be viable as you can't keep putting prices up or increasing the numbers of available tickets. As I write this now on the Tuesday before the GP there are still tickets available now.

So its clear something had to give. Silverstone will have asked FOM to review their agreement but there is no way that they can re-negotiate mid term without every other venue in the world wanting better terms.

The only way forwards was to break the contract at the mutually agreed point and commence talks towards a new contract with better terms for all.

Let's be honest there isn't anywhere else in the UK suitable to hold the race (although a street race around the English Riviera - Monaco style would make me happy). F1 belongs at Silverstone.

All in all it's in everyone's best interest to get a new deal together that works for everyone. Britain has to have a GP, and that has to be at Silverstone. So don't be down, F1 will be back, when a good deal is fixed for all

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Comments (7)

  • Based on the statement they put out, it doesn't sound like Liberty were in on the plan...

      4 years ago
    • I think they were, in so much that it was completely expected, they just offered a time extension before announcing which wasn't taken up.

        4 years ago
  • Im not sure it is in everyone's best interest. It is certainly in mine! But is isn't in Liberty's. If they are seen to be striking a new deal with the BRDC now that they have broken contract, they are going to find 19 other circuits doing the same

      4 years ago
    • they no choice lost the british grand prix, and that a huge loss on the calender if i was liberty Media i wait for 12 months to start talks that means your into the last 12 months off the deal and talk can begin without anyone losing face Hayley.

        4 years ago
    • The deal was due to run till 2027 so it wouldn't be that last 12 months without the brake clause and with it in place, it is still a renegotiation.

      It would massively weaken their position to do a new deal with the BRDC in relatively near future...

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        4 years ago