The British GT Championship was huge and I got to tag along with JRM

Round 10 of the British GT Championship was huge and I got to tag along with JRM

Nearly 10 years ago the company was founded and has been at the cutting edge of motorsport, combining that with a team of highly-skilled individuals and an broad range of engineering resources. JRM has been recording accomplishments at an international level in rallying and racing.

The car itself, under all the aerodynamic trickery, is a GT-R NISMO GT3. I remember vividly walking around #GODZILLER in ore with my ear drums being rattled within the ear canal. The sound of the 3.8 V6 twin turbo was music to my ears! There was a hard game I was playing with myself of how close I can get to the exhaust without losing my hearing! (do have a look at the full technical speciation list at the bottom)

During the race I was told by the mechanic the comparisons between the GT-R NISMOs engine and the other cars on the track. The car had very little engine tunes compared to everything else out on the grid. So the idea of walking into a Nissan showroom and walking out with something not to different brings me to disbelief! Throughout time the car has been given improved aerodynamics, weight distribution, brake performance and feel. However, I was made aware that the car does have a slight understeer nature. I’ll see this as progressive understeer and due to the four wheel drive.

Moments before the race began, Driver Charlie Fagg was sitting on the grid. The short time of walking down the grid really did put everything into prospective. Having millions of pounds worth of motorcars clearing their lungs was a moment I’ll never forget. The pressure on each driver must be mounting higher and higher. I’m sure it doesn’t help by having radio stations and other journalists thrusting microphones through your letterbox window asking you what your race plan is and if you plan on mirroring Senna’s first F1 lap of Donington in 1993 .

It wasn’t long till all of the pesky media crew were told to piss off away from the track. However, when you are given the privilege of handing over a £5 deposit to use a media bib you do get great access to track side. As you can tell by the photos, I was the only person in media using a phone as there camera! However, it was still great to see all the other race cars getting glued down to the tarmac with the art of using invisible weight from downforce with the smell of burning Pirelli P Zero meters away!

After a long-awaited return for JRM Jason King (Managing Director of JRM Group Ltd) has said “I’m incredibly proud of the whole team and how the race has come together. P5 is a great result for our first outing with this car, especially with the two new JRM drivers, Ben and Charlie, stepping up from GT4.”

Regarding the two drivers who have just moved into the car for the first time since racing in GT4. Charlie Fagg has said “About half an hour in, the car felt more stable. I tried to adapt my driving still to suit it and in the end I felt like my times were just as good, if not better than anyone else’s in the top five. I was very consistent and looked after the car as much as I could. I had a really good time out there today the and amount of support we’ve had this weekend has been absolutely astonishing – for an 18-year-old from Newcastle, it’s just been incredible.”

Team JRM are now looking to 2018, planning ahead and looking forward to challenging the GT3 circuit to a very competitive season. In other words, WATCH THIS SPACE.



Nissan VR38DETT: 3.8-litre, V6, twin-turbo

Power: restricted to 550 bhp @ 6,400 rpm

Torque: 650+ nm @ 4,000 rpm


Hewland 6-speed sequential gearbox

Semiautomatic pneumatic paddle shift system

Endurance spec crown wheel and pinion

Endurance spec lightweight driveshaft’s & CFRP prop-shaft

Sachs 4-plate sintered clutch assembly


• Enhanced drivability

• Weight reduction

• Revised weight distribution

• Improved aerodynamics

• Improved fuel economy

• Improved brake performance and feel

Photos: Jakob Ebrey Photography & Oliver Quartly

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  • We got P5 in the end after the Lambo was disqualified and first in class! #teamJRM thanks Ollie!

      3 years ago
    • 3 years ago