The British Mini in its Purest Lightweight Form

At 420Kg of weight and using only Classic British Engineering

As we show more of the Guest Cars we had on the event we helped organize this year ( Retro Rides Gathering 2018) we now arrive at a quite special little thing. The super lightweight Mini Maguire 1360 of Derek Kessell.

Considered by many the Ultimate "pure Mini", as although it is a spaceframed chassis, it uses largely just British Leyland parts, coupled with a bored BMC engine, with 1360cc and producing 140Hp. Coupling that with the extraordinarily low weight of 420Kg, makes for a very impressive, super agile Hillclimb machine.

That such a simple and old design is still so effective just proves how much of a winning concept the Original Mini was. And it certainly deserves to be celebrated.

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