The Brutal 700Hp/1130Kg Lancer Evo V coming from Poland

Szymon Lukasczyk´s Monster is one of the big surprises of 2018 HillClimb Racing

One of the greatest new Hillclimb Monsters of 2018 was the surprising Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V of Szymon Lukaszczyk from Poland. Still a 2.0L Turbo Engine, it was tuned by 4Turbo PL to a staggering 700Hp. All this transferred to All Four Wheels through a 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox and moving only 1130Kg of weight.

At Gubbio, in the ultra competitive HillClimb Masters 2018, it placed among the 10 fastest Touring Cars of the event while being the third fastest Lancer Evo, still in the same second of Roger Schnellmann in his car with over 5 years of development.

One can only imagine how fast this machine will be in the future and surely this is not the only time it will be featured on our Channel. In the meanwhile, it is more than worthwhile to watch Mr. Lukaszczyk exploits in Italy. It looked quite spectacular and sounded tremendously aggressive...

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