The Brutal 740Hp/9.400Rpm Lancer Evo III from Cyprus

And looking as crazy as the numbers it produces

Built by Mike Charalambous and driven by Michael Sophocleous, this brutal looking Lancer Evo III is built for Time Attack events and has been adapted for Hillclimb Racing recently. This 4G63 powered machine has quite the outrageous bodykit while presenting some crazy performance numbers. It´s 730Hp/9.400Rpm to move only 1080Kg, although on this particular event boosted was turned down and only around 600Hp were available.

Still it is one of the craziest looking Monsters to appear on 2017 and one we will keep an eye on. On this particular event ( Platres HillClimb ) it got an impressive 2nd place overall even though it is on its testing phase. Within one month we will be able to check its evolution again.

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Comments (2)

  • @@Matthew Gudmanz

      3 years ago
  • One of the best vids you've shared. I love this thing.

      3 years ago