The Brutal Pikes Peak 920HP RS200 in Dramatic Fashion at Shelsley Walsh

With the "British Bomb" Liam Doran at the wheel trying to tame this unhinged Group B Monster

One of the most Iconic Monsters of All Time in Hillclimb Racing ( that has already been featured on our Tribe in the past) returned to action on the last edition of Retro Rides Gathering, doing some Demo runs on the Historic Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. With Liam Doran at the wheel, the 900+ Hp Beast was explored up to (and beyond.. ) its limit..

Just like in Goodwood, where this car/driver was last seen, bonnets continue to have a somewhat strange relationship with the aggressive Group B machine. But apart these little incidents, the ex-Dieter Knuttel car continues as impressive as ever, with further evolutions applied to both mechanics and bodywork in what we believe will be one of the Top Contenders of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2019.

Let´remember that the last time this RS200 participated on he Mythic North-American venue was in 2014 at the hands of Liam´s father, Pat Doran.

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