The Bubba burger gp part 2

2y ago


The last 12 minutes of the race.

Crazy bad luck for the sister car as Tommy navigates through last corner mess.

Some great driving from Tommy to pass the BMW and Ford in one move and get us up into 2nd but this was not the way we wanted to win the race. Very unlucky for Antonio and Jan. Antonio got caught in the outside of the corner and went from 1st to 5th due to the circuit blockage.

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Post race update.

We’ve now had six wins here at Long Beach – some 50 per cent win rate – so it’s an impressive tally. The team is in a good position, always focused on the business end of the race and that’s a real theme that started about 18-months ago, and has really paid dividends. It’s so important to be focused on those final laps and be ready to go. It’s all about reading the race, understanding the track and using the skill, knowledge and experience of the whole team.

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