The 'bug' is passed down

It is by all standards one of Fords not so good looking children, probably not the brightest either.

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Unlike other diseases, which only occur during childhood and then never again, this one tends to stick for life. Sounds excruciating, I know. If you are lucky enough you can actually remember the exact moment the disease started to spread, and you become inexplicably hooked to anything that creates sound from internal combustion.

Others are not so lucky. They've just accepted the fact that nothing makes sense like cars or donor-cycles or whatever mechanical beast excites said individual, without having an exact moment to be able to jump too and recollect with nostalgia:"Ah, so that's where it all started!".

I find myself in the first category, the privileged that can remember. It was the summer of '97 or '98, and my dad took me to a car show. The only crystal-clear memory from that day is the fisrt sight of a red, Ford Mustang GT Mach 3 Concept. Long name, I know, took even longer to find it considering I only bothered with "weird-looking mustang convertible" to remember it.

Couldnt find a better side-shot...

Couldnt find a better side-shot...

After the initial shock of seeing a car that had two front ends, I was relieved by my fathers explanation of what a concept was:"It's not gonna' look like that you know.". It is by all standards one of Fords not so good looking children, probably not the brightest either. Keep in mind that to this said moment in time cars were, to me, box-shaped objects that had some potential for fun, yet no adult seemed to be taking advantage of it.

Then it hit me in all it's ugliness. Not all cars have to be the same. They don't need to have a practical purpose, or look like you quite life. They can engage and provoke thoughts other than bleak boredom. Like most of my life, it is ironic how one of the ugliest cars made me love all cars, but it din, and if that was possible it meant that potential for fun really existed. The decision was made then and there in that little boys head and heart. These are actual toys for adults and driving them can be a job!

All analogies aside, I could not be happier today to have seen that car then. Are you privileged or not?If so, tell us how you caught the 'bug'?

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