The Bugatti Veyron

One hell of a engineering marvel

6w ago

Before we all eventually start to appreciate what electric cars and the electric world can do let's take a jump back to the past where gas had ruled for decades. I'm taking about a marvel that never seemed to disappear from the face of the automotive world like other classics before it like the Vector W8 and others, the Bugatti Veyron is a legend that literally needs no proper introduction to this topic(well of course I am going to introduce it just because I love you guys of drive). The Bugatti Veyron was a re-emergence of the EB-110 that was sold previous to it in the early and late 1990's. The EB-110 had used a breath taking 3.5 Litre Quad Turbo V12 engine making 553 HP and 611 N.M but still wasn't as fast as the Mclaren F1 at the time. The F1 had held the title of the worlds fastest car for a Decade up until the early 2000s, The time the Veyron was built it was under the leadership of the VW automotive group which handled most of the activity in the Bugatti company. The Veyron was equipped with a 8.0L Quad turbo W16 engine which on it's own shocked the world of every car geek and nerd and even those that weren't car people. The beast of an engine produced 1001 horsepower and 1250 N.M which was insane to even think of. The engine was so massive that if driven hard the car would literally deplete it's gas tank in less than 12 minutes or less even(that is if you got the more powerful variants). It would breathe in as much air in 4 minutes as a normal person would breathe in 4 days. It surpassed the F1 in the world record as the fastest car in the world for over a Decade and a half until the Chiron was eventually reveled in 2015 as the successor to the Veyron . Even the former presenters of Top Gear praised it as being one of the most innovative objects of the modern world. It's insane it's been nearly 16 years until it was released but it still looks as fresh as it did in 2005. It's an incredible peace of engineering

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  • This is the car that redefined the meaning of Hypercar in our eyes and that top speed of over 400 km/h was unheard of before it

      1 month ago
  • Trust me I will never appreciate EVs as much as this.

      1 month ago