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Why the Series 1 Range Rover has the top spot on our list of dream cars...

2y ago


Every year, I fall for a new car. Last year, it was Scimitars (just look where that ended up). This year, 1970s Range Rovers with V8s in them. This one is owned by Ian Arthur of Hagerty Classic Car Insurance. Check them out:

This thing wins by charm. The modern Range Rovers will never re-capture what the initial model had. This one has a somewhat characteristic ‘lean’, which although is technically a defect, only adds further to its character. The V8 and 3-speed auto-box leaves this car lumbering (albeit not slowly) around countryside lanes, much in the same way as a large dog bumbles around a house it doesn’t quite fit in. In spite of the rudimentary design, the Range Rover is famously capable. This thing will charge up and down a muddy track, just the same as it will on the road.

It was also the first car in the world of its type. It obviously owes it’s existence to the Land Rover, but the Range Rover was what started the ‘SUV’ craze that is peaking today. The thing is, it is an incredibly nice place to be.

All this makes for the ultimate car-companion. Would I go to the shops in this thing? Absolutely. Would I drive it to Scotland? Hell yes. This car is going to do everything, looking and feeling good. Perhaps, maybe not including a visit to a racetrack.

The final reason for this thing is my car of the year? We nipped into JD Classics the other day they had the new Aston Martin Vulcan, a DB5 and a whole bunch of gorgeous Jags. Ultimately though, the car I wanted to drive the most - The Series 1 Range Rover tucked away in the corner. Although a bit of a warning from Ian... it's thirsty.

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Comments (3)

  • Awesome article! Promoted it to the Best of Classics!

      2 years ago
  • Having driven this exact car to Scotland and back in a day with Ian, It has changed my perception on Range Rovers!

      2 years ago
  • Absolutely love these old Range Rovers. Remember them being absolutely cavernous inside

      2 years ago