The Business of Being Lando Norris: Why he is an F1 Genius

Why Lando Norris is so successful on and off the track

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Lando Norris has made Formula 1 history - but not in the way you may imagine.

2020 was a solid year for the British race driver who bagged his first F1 podium and finished ninth in the standings.

But Lando became much more than an athlete last year, he became a genius.

The 21-year-old is running one of the biggest social media businesses in sports history.

With every day that goes by his following grows by thousands and now he's building his empire in the form of Quadrant.

Lando's early life:

Like most racing drivers, Lando received backing from his father. His dad, Adam Norris, is a former pension fund manager who retired aged 36. While he's not as rich as Lawrence Stroll and Michael Latifi, it's estimated Adam's net worth is around £250million.

After initially developing a love for motorcycle racing, at the age of seven, Lando began racing in karts and it soon became clear that he was an extremely talented driver.

What followed was a considerable amount of wins, including the 2013 World Karting Championships and the F4 British Championship in 2015.

Things stepped up in 2016 for Lando as he secured three Championship titles - The Toyota Racing Series, the Formula Renault Northern Europe Cup and the Formula Renault Eurocup.

Road to F1:

In 2017, Lando's road to Formula 1 began. He competed with Carlin Motorsport in the European Formula 3 Championship and signed as a junior driver for McLaren. After winning the 2017 title, Lando continued with Carlin but joined Formula 2, where he finished runner up to George Russell.

Meanwhile, in Formula 1, Fernando Alonso, who was driving for McLaren, announced his retirement. Thus, in 2019 Lando was drafted in to take Alonso's seat.

Social Media Rise:

L​ando is extremely popular on Twitch

L​ando is extremely popular on Twitch

However, his entry to the grid saw a new fan base emerge in Formula 1. On April 2, 2018, Lando uploaded his first YouTube video. In the vlog, Lando took viewers behind the scenes of the McLaren Technology Centre and filmed his usual workday.

Before this, Formula 1 was poor when it came to fan engagement. Some drivers completely shunned the media, while constructors remained equally as secretive. So it was quite a shakeup for Lando to personally invite millions of people into his life.

After nearly three years of uploads, Lando has gained 514,000 subscribers, accumulated 15.2million views and collaborated with creators such as WillNE, Casey Neistat and WTF1.

Outside of YouTube, Lando has reaped the rewards of social media success on platforms such as Instagram.

Lando currently has 2.5million followers and achieves an average of 276,149 likes on every post.

But perhaps what is more impressive is his engagement.

After reaching over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the average engagement rate for a user is 1.7% - Lando's is a staggering 11.01%.

Similarly, Lando's Twitch streams produce huge numbers, with one show bringing in 104,229 concurrent viewers.

He's also encouraged other drivers such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc to show their less 'serious side' by streaming with him.

B​usiness Ventures:

Lando's popularity on and off the track has allowed him to pursue numerous business ventures.

Connected to his Formula 1 role, Lando represents Bell Helmets, digital agency wearegrip, ADD Management and strength and conditioning organisation Pioneered Athlete Performance.

Lando has also launched multiple collections of merchandise with McLaren, from t-shirts to face coverings with great success.

Lando's new business venture Quadrant

Lando's new business venture Quadrant

But more recently, Lando has decided to go alone, establishing Quadrant, a premium lifestyle and gaming brand that focuses on content creation and apparel.

So far, Quadrant made up of Lando and four other influencers have amassed 148,000 subscribers and over three million views in just three months.

Speaking about Quadrant on The CouRage and Nadeshot Show, Lando said: "Outside of Formula 1, it's the thing I love doing whether it's Sim Racing, playing COD, Fifa...I love doing it and I can do it while I am away at the race track, I can take my laptop with me and just game.

"It's more of something long-term that I can look after, make and create."

While Lando is a talented motorsports athlete, it's his likeability and relaxed approach away from the track that has helped him become the face of Formula 1's future.

And with the growing success of his ventures and partnerships, Lando will likely go on to make history as one of the sport's most influential figures.

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  • I just figured it was because he is a kid and speaks kid, the internet and gaming and all that is not what I understand. I can see him bringing younger fans to the sport. I like him but I'm on team Honey Badger.

      9 months ago
    • He's definitely capture the growing youth market in F1. Big hopes for Daniel this year!

        9 months ago
  • Well written!👍

    Its undeniable that with an ability to perform and capture the love and attention of thousands upon thousands of ppl outside of race, that Lando would be such a hit in F1.

    He definetely brings a lot to the table.

      9 months ago
  • This is one of the reasons I like him as a fan, it’s the accessibility and the hilarious stuff he does that turned me into a fan particularly last year in lockdown

      9 months ago
    • You've hit the nail on the head with accessibility - no one else quite like him on the grid at the moment!

        9 months ago