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The C8 Chevrolet Corvette may receive an...electric engine

This is a possibility that could become a reality!

1y ago

The eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvette will continue to surprise in the future. It was the first production Corvette with a rear mid-engine. This has resulted in a rather special design with a lot of fan reactions. Now, it's a whole other thing the C8 Corvette could receive, and it may disappoint fans even more...

It was in an interview with Corvette Blogger that Tadge Juechter, chief engineer of the C8 Corvette, said that an electric version of the sports car was a possibility. Yes, an electric version of the Corvette! This true heresy is defended by Juechter, who explains that it is General Motors that wants more green vehicles.

If sales and laws eventually force the sale of electric cars, the Corvette will not be able to escape this fate. That's why Chevrolet is prepared for any eventuality and seems ready to offer an electric version of the Corvette within the next decade, sold in parallel with the thermal version of the car.

So the question is not if, but when the Corvette will receive an electric motor. This engine could even be used on the C8 Corvette, which would allow such a powertrain thanks to its rear mid-engine. An electric motor placed at the front is more problematic because of the weight of the engine. If this electric Corvette were to be launched soon, its main competitor would be the Tesla Roadster.

Photo credits Chevrolet

Photo credits Chevrolet

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Comments (6)

  • Half the fun of a corvette is the v8 without that it just becomes a generic ev supercar

      1 year ago
  • It sounds cool and I think they should do however it needs to be an option and not the only powertrain available. P.s it would be cool to have the electric motor(s) exposed under the bonnet!👌🏻

      1 year ago
  • Let's just wait how the car actually IS before making any assumptions about fun or quality. If it is fast and poised and fun who cares with what I fill it up?

      1 year ago