The C8 Corvette has made the new Toyota Supra completely irrelevant

4w ago


Let's get one thing straight before this article even begins or the comments go down the proverbial rabbit hole: the new 2020 Toyota Supra is a fantastic car. How do I know even though I've never driven it? Well my Shifting Lanes co-founder Hansen has driven it. He was even invited to the launch. And don't tell him this, but I respect his opinion and his driving. He knows what the hell he's talking about.

Thus, the new Supra is a good sports car. Everyone's talking about it like a BMW sports car is a bad thing. Wrong. It's good. No matter the underpinings. End story. However, given it's $55,000+ price tag and some reports saying the dealer markups on it will push the price north of $90,000 (seriously), it makes the Supra far less palatable. Still some will buy it at that premium, but there's a massive issue with this that just happened today.

This thing. This is the new C8 Corvette. It is a mid-engined supercar fighter and given the hype around this thing, it's going to be very good. And it looks good too, which is something everyone worried about with those ugly test mule wraps being spotted all over the place.

So why is this a problem? Well let's take a look at the technical specs on each car first.

The Supra

Power: 335 hp/365 lbft (which we all know is a lie and dyno tests show 380+/400+ depending on what dyno)

Dimensions: wheelbase 97.2 in, length 172.5 in, width 73.0 in, height 50.9 in.

Curb weight: 3372 lb

0-60: 4.1s (with tests dipping into the 3.9 range depending on journal and timing equipment)

The C8 Corvette (reported):

Power: 495 hp/470 lbft

Dimensions: wheelbase 107.2 in, length 182.3 in, width 76.1 in, height 48.6 in.

Curb weight: 3,366 lb

0-60: 3.0s

So here's the deal. The C8 is a slightly larger package, but has more horsepower, supercar looks, supercar performance, and weighs the same as the Supra? Well it must be $100,000+ right? Wrong. It's MSRP from Chevrolet is $59,995. The Supra was just made completely irrelevant.

Now back to the dealer markups on the Supra because there will for SURE be markups on the C8 Corvette. The Supra markups aren't out yet, but one dealer had their launch edition listed for $99,995 before taking the listing down and replacing it with "call for price." There's no doubt the C8 will also have markups, but it's hard to imagine it being worse than the Supra. And for a staggeringly better performing car on paper.

I truly love the new Supra and I think it's going to prove every hater wrong. I hope Toyota sells the living hell out of them and ushers in a new generation of car enthusiasts with it. But for those already with skin in the game, Chevrolette just blew by them with a big middle finger up giving exactly zero Fs.

And to cap it off, here's a gallery of the C8 for your viewing pleasure.