The Camaro ZL1 1LE Is Officially Faster Around The 'Ring Than A Ferrari 488 GTB

So buy the Camaro and save your self a few hundred grand

3y ago

Long gone are the days when a Camaro was just a straight line assassin. Sure this generation still does that well, but so does a lot of cars. A Tesla pretty much destroys everything in a line and the new Dodge Demon is set to become the new production straight line record holder. Cornering, however, is more of a gentleman's sport in the automotive world. And yes, we can now say, that a Camaro is in the same conversation as a Ferrari 488 GTB.

The time? 7:16.04. And that's faster than the aforementioned Ferrari, the Porsche 911 GT3, and even the time-attack champ Viper ACR.

Let's see just how bonkers fast this thing really is.

The Camaro sits on GM's alpha plaform chassis which I can say from experience is one of the best platforms in the world. It is stable, approachable, comfortable, and capable all at once. It's truly an all-world platform and the ZL1 1LE shows off just what it can truly do.

Saying a Camaro is just an American drag racer anymore is not only wrong, but ignorant. And you can get all that performance for $70,000. If you're looking for all out track speed, there aren't many better bargains out there.

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