The car i hate the most... sorry not sorry

There are very few things in life that I hate so much I could vomit at the sight of. One of them is the citroen c4 cactus.

3y ago


I do not understand why someone decided to give a car half a quilted jacket.

Freya Walton

There are very few things in life that I hate so much I could vomit at the sight of. If I had to name three, they would be pineapple on pizza, watching someone drink a glass of milk, and the other would be the Citroen C4 Cactus.

I absolutely hate the Citroen Cactus. I do not understand why someone decided to give a car half a quilted jacket. I’ve never driven one, and I’ve never been a passenger in one so I cannot make any comments on the drive of the car. But why on earth would anyone look at that car and think ‘YEP, that’s the car for me… look at it! What a bloody treat.’ It doesn’t make sense to me. For anyone who does not know what the Citroen Cactus looks like, they are the cars with the black bubbles on the doors. You definitely would have seen one, lurking on the streets. Unfortunately, they’re everywhere.

I've never driven one, and I've never been a passenger in one so I cannot make any comments on the drive of the car.

Freya Walton

I don’t understand why it looks like that… So I googled it. I typed into my search bar ‘Citroen Cactus. Why.’ I found Auto Express’ long term test review, and apparently it’s a lovely car to drive. But I didn’t particularly care for that, and there are plenty of other cars that are great to drive, that don’t look as if they have some sort of skin disease.
According to this feature, the black mess on the doors of the car are air bumps and are there to protect the car from things like carelessly opened doors or run away trolleys. How about be more careful and aware of your surroundings so you can drive a car that won’t make me want to pull my own arm off just so I have something to throw through your windscreen. I know everyone has different opinions on cars, and I’m sure some people don’t like the look of the Aston Martin DB5 which in my opinion is the most beautiful car ever made. But SURELY no one thinks the Cactus is attractive.

If you own a Citroen Cactus and are reading this, please get in contact with me so I can hear your justification. Because I just cannot see why you would want to buy a car that looks as bad as that.

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  • Like all other arts, somebody always doesn't get it. This is not some sexy supercar, I give you that but neither it's the run of the mill soulless japanese copy-paste crap that most cars in this segment are. It's something different to those who want something different. Personally I am glad that Citroën went back making these rather than the dull as a dishwasher cars they made in early 2000's. But you know what they say about opinions and it's easy to mock those that are different. It takes balls (figuratively) to understand and appreciate that someone wants something different even tho it's not in your cup of tea.

    So, I don't own one nor have driven one or buy one because I would rather get DS5 instead but if I had to choose between Cactus and anything that comes out from Toyota, Cactus wins every time.

    Nice provocative article tho, now do the same about Nissan GT-R and watch the world burn. I'll bring the popcorn! ;)

      3 years ago
  • I was the proud owner of a Citroen C4 Cactus for a year, when I worked for a Citroen main dealer, before that I had a DS3. The DS3 is a great car if you go for the more sporty versions has the almost “Germanic” firm ride makes sense in a semi sporty car, but the Cactus was comfortable for everyone. We loaded it up with 5 people in it, we blasted up to the North to see the in laws twice in it, and they were easily the two comfiest journeys yet. I work fir VW now, and have two golfs but neither come close to driving finesse of the Cactus. Still to this day it remains the company car I miss the most.

      2 years ago
  • I think the Cactus is great, finally a car that looks properly different. Think about it this way, you can design a car that looks okay to 50% of potential buyers or you can design a car that looks awesome and unique to 5% of potential buyers. Getting that 5% to buy your cars is a huge market share. Seeing how popular this car is it seems to be working.

      3 years ago
    • I agree!

        3 years ago
    • i'm not a pro, but, all I can say is: Cactus is fun, that's enough for me.

      And I love a shitload of car, but damn, Citroën make a "current" car that not every body coul like.

      (shitty english I know, and I dont care)

        2 years ago
  • Be careful when opening the door? The problem isnt how YOU open the door, its how other people handle their car in general. The general car buying population are not petrolheads who take care of their cars, theyre people who dont care if there is a new ding or scratch or scrape on their car. My car has scratches because of a handbag zip and van driver who decided to not look where he was going when reversing out of a parking spot behind me. Thats why the Airbumps make sense.

    For once, a car manufacturer has thought outside the box and designed a car to tackle everyday scenarios and not to take 0.0000000001s off your lap time. It might not be a pretty solution, but it works. Also, pineapple on pizza is great. Live a little.

      3 years ago
  • So sorry, maybe you love boring Audis and so... I love the Cactus, its out-of-the-box design and it's a matter of taste. FU**ING LOVE IT. Period.

      3 years ago