The car I want most right now

Perhaps my taste really doesn't reflect that of the average enthusiast.

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Who I don't think is going to like me very much anymore.

Who I don't think is going to like me very much anymore.

Now to work, credit to Sam Blockhan on this one, for it is true that without his recent 'Brand Engineering' quiz that my knowledge of this cars existence would continue to have gone unknown.

Thankfully I found it, and I was taken away.

Let's face it, as people who's loves are determined by the automotive industry (or car enthusiasts as the sadder few like to call ourselves despite rarely showing any enthusiasm at all) we spend a lot of time imagining what could've been, should've been or what someday will be when it comes to our own lives in cars. We form collections of the cars that take our breath away, and enstill their image in our minds in the hope that someday they'll stand before our very eyes.

Well today I found another of mine.

'What'll it be?!' you are probably not thinking. A wall car, a true beauty. A historic piece of art. A supercar, with a roaring engine emitting noise heard for miles. A bold car. A one in a million, one that broke the mould or one that did it all completely wrong, and was all the better for it.

That's what it should've been.

Here's what I found:

Ohhhh yes!

Ohhhh yes!

How cool is this!!!!!!!!! And are now either laughing your head off or burying it in your hands. Both would be most justifiable. But hey, what were you expecting? So, to the car, which is no doubt a one in a million kind of production from the brand best renowned for the 2CV and nowadays.... small SUVs and an impressive minivan.

It's the Citroen E-Mehari!

Some of you will know this already perhaps. It's been around since 2016, but on which specific markets one cannot be arsed to find out. It isn't on mine. I hate this country. Now before you jump to the comments and as usual write a descriptive and quite poetic piece on what an apocalyptic idiot I am, let me just discuss this awesome little Citroen.

And we should probably start with the E, which in the world of cars is very plainly the letter that either delights us or physically kills us (someone wrote a really good article on that recently go check it out). The most powerful letter in the industry. And predictably yes, this letter here represents what it represents everywhere else across the board in the modern world. E for electric.

Dun dun dun, you're throwing your turbocharged V8 at the computer and revving your 2mpg pickup truck to make up for the emissions which I am leaving behind in my dream choices with this...... can I call it a car? But alas, I remind you of the all important fact that like it's always been, I probably don't care what yoy think*.

*doesn't apply to all of you

Why the unnecessary shade? Couldn't tell you but don't worry about it, we're here for the car, all three of us.

The E-Mehari was Citroen's answer to the relatable problems all drivers find with having space, beauty, efficiency and most importantly, shelter from the rain. It's not unreasonable I think to claim that this thing is quite unusual. Brilliantly unusual in fact. A french EV that mixes urban funkiness with safari-cool factor and thereby removes the presence of both is hilarious to me. It's weird even by Citroen's standards. So it's a small car pretty much, powered by batteries which take 16 hours to charge with household sockets. It's cost has been around £19,000 pounds and is capable of doing 68mph. Isn't that mad? It's physically incapable of breaking my local motorway speeds!

So why would I like it? Genuinely. Well it's essentially for everything I've listed, and as such many will huff and lose me at that, but as always it's the weirdest of things that I am drawn to. It's the simplicity for me. It's not something I'd buy and drive for the rest of my life obviously, and you have to be careful to not think otherwise. I hand on heart struggle to believe very few took that route at all. It's just nice. I think I want this as something to use from time to time. Relaxing and at comfort with the world if that's not thinking too illogically. It's very basic, but it's existence is justified in the same way as that of the Sandero which people also sometimes just don't seem to get. Well they do it's just we wouldn't expect everyone to respect it for that so there's no issue there.

It's different in every way. And I like that because of the ever growing desire I've been feeling as cars continue to lose their once iconic diversity. And I know I argue ideas that they've become to similar and that but I wouldn't argue that we are losing a bit of creativity and sort of...'wrongness' about stuff. To me it's something you might resort to maybe on the rare occasion. Just get into and take a little drive locally. Check this out:

It's just cool for me. I really, really like it. So chirpy seeming and self-aware. It's not a car that drives like an M BMW and makes you think driver and car are one, but it sort of gives on 'I'm a friendly companion' vibes. Try to remember I'm saying I just love it. Oh and despite the sarcastic remarks earlier you can of course have a roof. It's not realistic and or reasonable, but I really like it in that way.

I probably haven't sold it well. But some more info going if you like. It's a revival of the 'Mehari' name from the 60s car that made better fame than this current version, so they didn't just do all this random stuff of the top of their head:

Someone's selling this if you fancy.

Someone's selling this if you fancy.

It certainly carries over the quintessentially Citroen stuff and modernised it nicely. The small four seat convertible EV takes 'quirky' and makes it laughable. It's 1,400kg mind. Somehow it's described as boasting the EV typical 'strong acceleration' despite figures objecting to that idea. And it can do 120 miles on a charge say AutoEvolution, so do with that information whatever you like.

And with little else to add on it, I considered myself and Drivetribe pointlessly educated on the car most of you might've already known about. Nonetheless, I've found another strange car I like and I guess that's something.

Danke for reading. Do you like it too?

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