The Car Industry may be hopping onto the 'silly season' bandwagon

      But even worse news, there's only one buyer.

      Greed. Greed and world domination apparently. They are the two motives that get Herbert Diess up in the morning. I should mention, he's the CEO of Volkswagen by the way. Well, the Volkswagen Group actually, which has recently made the educated decision to buy EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. I bring this up because VW are now trying to buy Porsche, and reading this has me very confused, because brands keep changing ownership through buying and selling themselves.

      This, in Formula 1, is known as 'Silly Season'. The time where teams consider the contracts with current racers, and ultimately resign them for the next season or pack them bags and show them the door. The ditched drivers can than be scooped up by anothe team, who in turn will ditch their drivers for the better offer. Simply put, people keep moving and then next thing you know Lewis Hamilton is driving a Haas and Max Verstappen is in with Williams (Now that would be interesting). What I am writing about today is the idea that this is a thing in the car industry, and talking about how god damn confusing it is when no one can sit in their own HQ for more than a year without a change of scene.

      So, what sent matter of terrible thing sent this brainwave to my mind? Well, it comes as the ever-expanding VW group take aim at their next hit, Porsche. Now strap yourselves in while I butcher my explanation of where this leaves our best-known car brands.

      Seriously though can we talk about that blue Golf..........that is some good manufacturing right there.

      Seriously though can we talk about that blue Golf..........that is some good manufacturing right there.

      Basically, Porsche owns Rimac (or mostly owns Rimac at least), and as of the latest news, Rimac owns Bugatti. So if VW buy Porsche, they will then sort of simultaneously own Rimac too if I'm not mistaken, which I probably am. And taking ownership of Rimac pretty much gives them Bugatti back, even though they just sold Bugatti like two seconds ago. Now VW are also talking about saying toodle-pip to Lamborghini and Bugatti after this. And I am still none-the-wiser as to whether that means they just get sold again (which would be utterly ridiculous) or they literally do go toodle-pip, and production in both brands just stops. Oh and the same goes for Ducatti. VW are bored of them too it seems. Outside of that, Volkswagen also own Seat, Bentley, Skoda, Scania and MAN (as in the trucks not just some man btw.....although you probably figured that out yourself). What completed confused me was that by that ideology of VW owning Audi, they'd also have total control of Audi's MANY sub-brands and purchased ones. But it turns out Audi doesn't have any so that helped my poor frazzled brain a little.

      So why are VW screwing with Bugatti so bad?

      That is my main question, so I surely have gotten something wrong here. Because I kind of doubt that they would've bought Bugatti. Then sold Bugatti and then bought it back again just to shut it down. Which brings me to the end of my piece. I conclude therefore, with a question? What is really happening with VW and Bugatti, because Google hasn't been the most helpful in giving me a 'set in stone' asnwer.

      Thank you as always for reading, now please follow meeeeee...............(on Drivetribe only of course, anything else would probably be a call for great concern).


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      • What an iconic name Herbert like aka Herbie the love bug

          1 month ago
      • Yay porsche beetle 911 incoming

        Oh wait

          1 month ago
      • I thought Volkswagen already owned Porsche...

          1 month ago
        • oh my god im so dumb it literally says that everywhere😂😂😂

          right but the thing about bugatti still has me rlly confused. So if Bugatti were sold to Rimac who are owned by Porsche who are know definetely owned by VW, arent they still owned...

          Read more
            1 month ago
        • it's most probably a stock market related decision,also u should have known that Volkswagon already owns Porsche.

            1 month ago
      • They are just trying to confuse you... And me... And every government that wants to raise some taxes on them...

          1 month ago
      • Happened before in October 2008.

        VW became the worlds richest company.

          1 month ago


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