Christian Williams drives the Lancia Delta Intergrale Evolution II.

2y ago

Christian says:

"It’s a car that’s continued to go UP in value over the years and it’s not looking to stop!

With a rallying background and Iconic looks that many people have itched to own, it’s a car that I’ve always loved, from the fact that they had to raise the bonnet to fit in larger shocks to the surge of acceleration you get when the turbo’s at full boost. It’s a true legend.

Is it a car you could Invest in? Yes! As I mentioned, It’s been going up and up in value and I think there’s still some room for it to rise more. Buy one in great condition, keep it maintained, drive it now and then, and you’ll look to make some cash in a few years time.

These cars love to be driven so if you do buy one, please do drive it and don’t just let it sit in a lockup for 3 years. They are a real drivers cars and one that will give you so much satisfaction when driven properly."

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