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The Car That Never Was

One of the best books written about the 1932 Ford has to be David G. Rehor's "The 1932 Ford Book: A Production Chronicle and Restoration Guide." I was fortunate enough to be at the 2008 NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky shortly after the book was first published and I was able to spend a few minutes looking through both volumes. During that perusal I remember looking at all of the different models that Ford Motor Company made in 1932.

Coupes, Business Coupes, Victorias, even B400s and four door touring cars where all listed with production numbers and even estimated production numbers for the few bodies that either didn't get production numbers recorded or the figures were lost. I can't remember the exact number, but it was well over 25 different body styles.

No place on the list was a 2-door Phaeton listed. In fact, Ford never made a two-door Phaeton and I've always thought that was strange. The design would have fit nicely into the line up and it would have offered buyers another low end pricing option. For whatever reason, the big thinkers at the Blue Oval, never made the equivalent of an open topped two door sedan.

Fast forward a few years to this unveiling by Brookville Roadster.


For those of you too busy to click on the link, let me show you the most important part of the link:

"The Phanton Body was designed by Chip Foose and each body will be hand crafted by Brookville Roadster to Chip’s exact specification. The Phanton style is limited to 32 Builds. Each build includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Order yours today to own an exclusive piece of Street Rod History"

-From the Brookville Roadster website.

I'm prepared to forgive Brookville for being absent on the day the word Phaeton was went over in Elementary School Spelling class, since I'm certain they probably skipped school to practice some form of obscure metalworking. When you make steel bodies that look this good, no one will question your poor spelling ability!

Photo from: brookvilleroadster.com

One of these beautiful bodies found it's way to One Off Rod & Custom in Middletown, Delaware. Shop owner Gary C. finished the car in time for it to be on displayed at the 2019 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California. The car competed for the prestigious AMBR (America's Most Beautiful Roadster) award and was a serious contender.


While the AMBR award would end up going to George Poteet's, 1936 Ford roadster, the '32 Ford Phaeton had turned many heads and had been in serious contention for the title.

Since last February's Grand National, the car has been making the rounds at GoodGuys events all over the country. I caught up with it at the GoodGuys Nashville Nationals earlier in May.

Up Close!

The car draws huge crowds at every show. It's easy to see why, because this car is absolutely gorgeous in person!

The classic lines of the '32 are not lost on this never-was body style. Photo by: Chris Breeden

The late spring sunshine sets off the two tone green and brown paint job. Photo by: Chris Breeden

This highly stylized LS block has had its factory intake removed. The builders replaced the intake with one that allows the use of a magneto look-a-like distributor and 6 Stromberg carburetors.

The attention to detail and fine craftsmanship are carried over in the interior design and construction.

From every angle, this is one fine looking '32! Photo by: Chris Breeden

The car only looks better on the move. Photo by: Chris Breeden

Enjoy This Video:

While the designers and number crunchers at FoMoCo didn't see a demand for a 2-door Phaeton, Brookville Roadster recognized how beautiful one could have been. With the help of Chip Foose, they have produced 32 of these one of a kind bodies. One of them has been turned into an extremely beautiful Hot Rod. Now I'm going to keep an eye out for the other 31 bodies! If I come across them, I'll let you all know!

Keep on Cruisin'!

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