The car that was supposed to teach Enzo Ferrari a lesson (video)

1y ago


Film director Fran├žois Truffaut once said: "Whoever loves a Riva on the water, needs a Rivolta on land." Now, I've never heard of the good man, but I like his style. And after seeing Petrolicous' latest masterpiece, I'm pretty confident you're going to agree with me. This is a stunning looking car drawn by Bertone's Guigiaro, and indeed it already shows some of the design elements we would see in his later Alfa Romeos.

And don't even get me started about the interior. This, in short, is what my only car would look like from the inside if I was forced to part with my entire car collection (I've only got three cars and a Solex with flat tires, but I like referring to them as my car collection).

The Iso Rivolta originates from the stubborn mind of Renzo Rivolta - which is probably the single greatest name in the history of mankind - as a payback exercise, when the equally pig-headed Enzo Ferrari refused to listen to his client. So in theory the Iso Rivolta should have been the better car. He would have pulled it off too, if he'd just taken the time to come up with an Italian engine. Instead, he took to a Corvette V8, which in my perspective is about the only flaw in the magnificent life of Renzo Rivolta (I had to say that name again).

Right, you'd better see for yourself: