What we are witnessing today is the imminent shift of the car world owing to the rapid change of paradigms in the automobile industry. If we were to see the journey of the car itself, it has gone through many iterations such as the design language, the modernity of features being added, or the compatibility of it with the environment.

Throughout its life the car has always has had rather an affair with man in which the intimacy is defined by the sheer indulgence and the depth of experience one has with it. It has been defined through various cultures, clubs, associations and long lasting companionship. And through which people have come to define the nature of something so materialistic and yet so integral to their lives. If we were to comment on the journey of the car right from its inception ,where we can take the Model T as the inception point, we had achieved the epitome of design in a relatively short period of time, the same wouldn't be said about the engineering aspect of it but it was a constantly improving process where experimentation would be done freely without the thought of the restrictions which sadly have undermined the imagination and creativity of today. The West and the Europe gave us beautiful pieces of art in the shape of these cars which are heralded as one of the best today and in the centuries to come. It was a time of excess, and though we'd like to believe that people were more content at that time time compared to the present, nevertheless it would be safe to say that they were more daring than us today. And it is that spirit which made them do extraordinary things.

The automobile through its evolution ,or as a matter of fact for everything involved in evolution, there has always been improvement which has been constant. Modernity has always been our way forward and though the world still finds it,say hard to accept, but some modernity was even afforded at the hands of dire circumstances which forcefully propelled us to move on though we didn't want to. Case in point would be the decline of the american classics in the '70s where the oil crisis paved the way for shift in frugal consumption and design. It was a painful process to begin with but the fact is that these circumstances had ushered in an era of cars which were to be defining the end of the century and the outlook on which the next one would be based. The Japanese had brought in that missing aspect of engineering and reliability which was much needed and soon out of sheer inconspicuousness they soon took over the world of cars. And the thing is that their hidden formula was based on simplicity and overarching reliability. The computer age was upon us in the midst of those times and man's fantasy of integrating it in his life and the fear of being taken over by it was parallel. But to the car world it was an extension through which the car would be enabled to achieve perfection and accuracy. This was a time where design was dormant and engineering had taken over. It was a shift which had gradually settled itself in and had enabled us to produce cars which were more engaging, receptive, responsive, continuously improving and futuristic because it was the end of the 20th century and people were craving or shaping on what the next century would be like. Man tends to think of the future more vividly than it turns out and the same goes if we talk about the past. People at the time might have thought to be having flying cars by now but here we are.

Throughout the twenty years of this century we can say that cars are still an integral part of man himself but the trends, the circumstances and technology are hearkening for yet another shift which has always come in the automotive world say in a decade or slightly more. This shift yet again might not welcome some as it did in the 70s' and the late 80s' because they had to give up something precious to move forward and we are witnessing that today. In light of consumer trends and environment conservatism, the car is going through yet another phase of change where the need of ease and the decline of engagement in the driving experience itself is being celebrated. The raging rumble of the combustion engine being replaced by the hums of the electric motor is considered an achievement. These may be celebrated by some but definitely not all, and the latter are those who think of cars more than just transportation. But rather more as a means of expression, engagement and fun. And to those I would say that nostalgia is just a wound of the past, what we have today is opportunity in the form of accessible technology through which we can create something better, something amazing, something we can be proud of. Cars have been there and they will live on in one shape or another, the future is always being shaped in the present and I can say that in times to come we will have something on which our future generations would be proud of us and will continue to admire the beauty of this invention.

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