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Porsche’s stature in the automotive world has been built entirely on the brand’s success in motorsport, most notably, its 19 constructor championship wins in Le Mans. This expertise has helped the company build some legendary cars in the past, which in most cases were in one way of the other connected to their flagship rear-engine, air-cooled 911. But every now and then, just like other performance and sports car makers, Porsche too got ambitious and went all-out to create their own halo supercar. Back in 2003, fourteen years ago, that machine came to us in the form of the truly mental Porsche Carrera GT.

This particularly beautiful 2004 Porsche Carrera GT, example numbered 0143, in the most iconic colour the supercar was known for, comes from France’s ELEVEN CARS, who have this low mileage machine plus many other stunning cars available for sale at their showroom in Paris.

The Porsche Carrera GT can be described as the spiritual predecessor to the game changing Porsche 918 Hybrid, the Germany company’s latest flagship hypercar. A total of 1270 units of the Carrera GT was ever made between 2003 and 2007. That said, the most interesting point about the Carrera GT is its inception. Its roots can be traced back to a new Le Mans prototype Porsche was developing for the 1999 season after the FIA rules changed a year ago. While that car was initially intended to be fitted with a flat-six turbocharged unit, a later redesign bumped up the number of cylinders to ten. The V10 to be used in the prototype car was a development of an engine Porsche had secretly worked on for the Footwork F1 team (previously Arrows Grand Prix International) in 1992 but was discarded after merely half a season in the running.

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