- What will happen if it smile?

The Cars movie, the city of life, smiling, and talking cars is our reality

Eccentric Britons give the world a chance to believe in miracles that cartoons are real (and it’s time for tv to become kinder). We will soon be talking not with a neighbor, but we will have breakfast on the lawn with our car, which, with an understanding, slaps with huge eyes with fluffy eyelashes.

British concern Jaguar Land Rover has developed a smart system for unmanned vehicles, so that they no longer cause fear for the future of the whole earth and for live of one small pedestrian.

JLR Future Mobility invented the creation of virtual, live, large, mobile cartoon eyes for cars. The capsules themselves are made by Aurrigo. These eyes cause complete confidence and love in children and feelings of emotion in adults. it seems to me that if there is a place on Earth where these cars would be carried with joy on their hands, then this place is China! There and in busy Japan dominated anime and girls walk in baby doll costumes through the streets with the same eyes.

This miracle of life was tested during the UK Autodrive consortium on more than 500 volunteer pedestrians. The capsules moved freely in a closed space, they found a pedestrian and immediately made eye contact with him, gradually slowing down in front of him. Having made the stop the capsule watched with its eyes the movement of the “lucky one". When all is good, the capsule began again its movement.

When it goes on the road, it seems like that it reads a fresh issue of a newspaper printed on asphalt especially for it. The lovely eyed car looks like a manifestation of higher driver's attention on the road. A car with such a look have to miss every frog, hedgehog and ladybird on its way. Will the JLR save the lives and for them? Or we will have a new tax for better live of our the smallest friends?

Video from test youtu.be/gLkvB16kMxM

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