The Cars That Lose The Least Money! [Best New Cars to Put your Cash in]

7w ago

Do you know the only downside of buying a brand new car? It’s the money you lose on it the moment you drive it out of a showroom. They depreciate like a rock chucked down a well. You can lose as much as 35% of the value of some cars in the first year alone!

So which are the cars with the lowest depreciation? Well, which normally provides driver training, has done some research and I’m surprised, because the least depreciating cars used to be the Porsche 911 and modern Mini - they’re not even in the top ten now.

At number one is the VW Polo. It only loses 9.28% in its first three years. So buy it new at £15k and it’s still worth over 13 and half in year three. Second is also a VW - the Golf at 9.96%.

Two cars up next, both at 10.14% - the Range Rover and BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo - weird, typically large execs devalue as fast as they go. The Porsche Cayman and Mercedes C-Class follow at 10.99%, then the Citroen Berlingo, Toyota C-HR and the wonderful Lotus Evora at 11.85%. The Porsche Panamera rounds up the top 10 at 11.94%.

So what are the cars that depreciate the most? And why do you care? Because they make bargain used purchases. And I’ll reveal them in the next video!


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