The catastrophic result of the BMW Z3 V12

4d ago


In 1999 BMW had the idea of putting a V12 into the Z3 to bring it to the limit. But that didn't really end in a success.

The V12 had 326HP which was only 5 horsepower more than the standard Z3 M but it had nearly 500 NM of torque (150NM more than the Z3 M) and with a nought-to-sixty time of 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 163 MPH it was not slow either.

So what was so wrong with it?

First, there was the weight distribution. Because of a V12 instead of a straight-six under the bonnet, the Z3 weighed 90 kilos more than the standard one and the weight distribution changed from 50:50 to a horrible 70:30.

And then there was the handling. In turns the Z3 just understeered permanently and in high speeds the back kept breaking away. Even in a straight line it was uncontrollable.

The biggest problem however was how the engine was cramped in the engine bay. The sensors overheated and made the engine nearly break down totally.

All this shows that it really was no wonder that the BMW Z3 V12 ended up as a failure although it was a good try. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!