The championship-deciding Mexican GP summed up in 17 Tweets

Lewis Hamilton took the title - but only after a very strange race

3y ago

Lewis Hamilton is a four-time world champion and is now the most successful British driver in Formula 1 history - but he had to do it the hard way in Mexico after suffering a puncture on the opening lap.

That was the on-track action, but off-track and on social media, our man @GrandPrixDiary was keeping an eye on Twitter for us...

1) Before the race, McLaren were in Halloween mood. Apt really, as only some form of witchcraft was likely to help them out in the race

2) Sunday morning and Daniel Ricciardo joins the list of drivers with ridiculous grid drops, 20 in his case

Do you agree with Christian Horner that these engines and subsequent penalty issues do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for F1? I know I do.

3) Nacho Libre meets The Three Amigos

4) Esteban Ocon in third place on lap ten...

5) Yes. We missed Daniel Ricciardo too, after a failure with his MGU-HK-ICE-WHATEVER-IT-IS-CALLED-THINGY

6) ALL Safety Cars should be like this

7) Now THAT is a cool stat!


9) Well, that should put it out...

10) Oh yes, we needed this excitement in the race!

11) When a drivers wife tells you to switch channels, you know it is not a great race

12) On lap 59, Vettel is really on it. A bit too late though

13) Mamma Mia! Vettel goes all a bit ABBA. The Winner Takes It All. Not for him sadly

14) YES! We had Fernando Alonso giving Lewis a hard time. More of this in 2018 please!

15) Nice job Lewis but SUPER MAX!

16) Class from McLaren. We need these guys back on top

17) And that is it for 2017 (nearly). Top job Lewis

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Comments (2)

  • Great curation as always. If only Guido van Der Guarde was as on it in the car as he is on Twitter 😂

      3 years ago
  • It's a bit of a lacklustre win if you ask me. I'm happy for Lewis, but I hardly care about the world championship anymore

      3 years ago