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The Chrysler Pacifica Minivans That You Didn't Think You'd Want

I was at an FCA event showing the new models for next year and talking about them. Over time, I wanted one.

Everyone knows that the minivan is a vehicle no one really wants. But I will tell you I would have one of these models to be driven in instead of driving. The model I want is the Pacifica Pinnacle, but sadly I can't get the wheels off of the Limited "S-Appearance" package for some reason. From what I have learned about each vehicle, I will break each one down it is own section with the first being the Pacifica Pinnacle and the other the Limited "S-Appearance." The whole Pacifica line-up though has had a full front and rear refresh with 14 new standard safety features. This brings the Pacifica to having 97 total safety features.

Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle (Hybrid Shown)

The options that are exclusive to the Pinnacle Pacifica compared to the rest of the minivan lineup are as follows; suede headliner, pillows for lumbar support (or for your head to sleep), improved storage everywhere, improved noise cancellation, and 2nd-row captains chairs. But the interior, caramel leather, black trim, is beautifully designed. It should be since it is the top of the line trim model. I would hate to drive it, but I would love to be a passenger. It feels like looking and being in a woman's purse. don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Limited (S-Appearance)

Sure, on the outside the Pacifica Limited S-Appearance a lot better than the Pinnacle but the Limited does have plenty of options to offer such as no armrests, and Stow and Go capabilities (not available on the Pinnacle). It doesn't seem like much, and it really isn't. And that's ok I guess. The interior is nicely made even though it is black, and that's why it is called the S-Appearance. It is about having a special black paint with some grey tone to it.

What The Entire Pacifica Line-Up Has To Offer

The whole line-up has been given new options for the 2021 model year. The Pacifica was given 6 new wheel designs, elevated interior, AWD available for the first time with a 3-piece driveshaft that can change depending on the situation, 18-20-inch wheels with self-sealing tires, Gen 5 radar, no driver modes for Limited models and less, driver profiles for every driver that gets in the car, Alexa capabilities, new games (Chess, concentration, Chrysler Says, backgammon), and Fam-Cam to monitor occupants that are shown on the infotainment screen. The Plug-In Hybrid comes on in FWD but Chrysler says they plan on it getting 80mpg-e. The engine offered is a 3.6L V6. Thanks to the sound dampening, it is the quietest minivan made. The new model year goes on sale late this year. All models are built with safety and technology because they're made for families.

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