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The Citroën Ami, the electric 'car' with a very friendly price

Less than £20 a month gets you this funky electric "object"

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Citroën has always wanted to democratise the automobile with innovative cars at affordable prices. In 2020, the French brand sees environmentally friendly mobility as this, a small electric quadricycle for cities. The Ami, as it is called, is available for purchase, as well as for lease and car-sharing at very affordable prices. Like, seriously affordable.

Citroën thus dares to enter a category where vehicles such as the Mia Electric or the Renault Twizy have failed. The brand hopes to stand out with a particularly original design. The Ami is presented in the form of a cool cube on wheels with an almost perfect symmetry. Citroën calls it an "object" rather than a car, and its status as a quadricycle means it can be driven by younger people. In France, the minimum age is 14, and the average age is 16 across Europe.

With a length of 2.41 m and a width of 1.39 m, the Ami has very small dimensions, ideal for urban adventures. The interior is nevertheless spacious with very simplistic and uncluttered trims. Two occupants can take place in it and will be protected in a fully enclosed and heated passenger compartment.

The Ami hides a small 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery under its hood, providing a range of 43 miles. The 6kW engine allows it to drive at a top speed of 28mph. A full charge takes three hours on a domestic 220 V socket. The Citroën Ami is already available to order in France at €6,000 (c£5,100/US$6,600) for purchase, €19.99/month for long-term hire or €0.26/min for car-sharing.

Orders in Europe open at the end of March and the first deliveries will be in June.

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Comments (23)

  • Give it time, someone will put a hayabusa engine in that

      4 months ago
  • Its ugly but its cheaper than most high end phone plans rn

      4 months ago
  • That's a damn sight cooler than a G-Wiz. If I were a city dweller I'd be all over that. And if I were 14 I'd be begging my parents for one instead of a scooter.

      4 months ago
  • Which end is front end? 😂

      4 months ago
  • I think a beetle got stuck in a compressor then pooped out this

      4 months ago