- All of the cars were stickered and this was one of my favourite angles. It is the headlight of the Ferrari F430 Spyder.

The city is alive with the sound of.....supercars!?

The international phenomenon that is Cars and Coffee came to Auckland, New Zealand over the weekend and I was privileged to be invited to attend the event.

Wing game strong- A Lamborghini Huracan Performante joined by a Porsche 911 GT3

The day started of with an exclusive breakfast for the drivers and press at a picturesque cafe in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna. As soon as I arrived at the scene, I was greeted by an array of some of the finest supercars in the world. Already at the venue, there was a Lamborghini Aventador Miura edition, a Ferrari 458 Spider, a McLaren 720S and two 675LT Spider's. As I popped in to get my first coffee of the day, my ears picked up a symphony of engines and so I left my coffee and went to have a look. The noise signaled the imminent arrival of a convoy made up of a McLaren 720S, Lamborghini Huracan Performante and then closely followed by a Porsche 911GT3 and some more Huracan's. The stream of exhaust notes grabbed the attention of clueless beachgoers, joggers and other bystanders. The sight of so many supercars in one place left the onlookers bewildered and led many of them to ask, "hey mate, what's the occasion?".

Sharp angles and smooth curves galore

Before I knew it, the car park was filled with an amazing selection of supercars hailing from Italy, Germany and England. So much so that only three or four cars were not part of the show.

"Hey mate, what's the occasion?"

A curious aucklander-2017

After some light breakfast and a couple of coffees we then headed to Halsey wharf where this event was being held. Once the cars had made it there, they were joined by even more supercars who could not make it to the morning breakfast. The whole scene amazed bypassing cyclists, joggers and tourists who were all obliged to take a few photos before they went on with their day. There were many unsuspecting locals who also stopped to take in the bright colours, sharp angles and harmonious exhaust notes of the supercars.

A sleepy Sunday morning was awoken by these masterpieces

There were so many amazing machines that is was hard to pick a favourite so I narrowed in on a few. Of course the Lamborghini Aventador and it's cousin the Miura edition Aventador had to make this list. I also really liked the two 675LT Spiders on display but my pick was the lime green one. Another car that caught my eye was a sharp grey Aston Martin DBS and who could miss the bright orange Porsche 911 GT3. If you fancy practical cars then there was something for you as well with the Audi RS6, BMW M5, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and two Ferrari FFs all making their presence felt! There was also a surprise appearance from the unique twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan Avio which was quite a sight and it made quite a sound too! I also met with the owners of a Jaguar F type R, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and a McLaren 675LT Spider all of whom were very pleasant which made me like their cars even more! In all fairness I could keep going with this list but since a picture speaks a thousand words, I will let these photos do the talking.

My interview with the organizers-

I had chatted with the organizers before the event and they had agreed to do an interview with me at some point during the day. So as the event came to a close I was approached by the team who ran the show and I couldn't help but notice that they all were beaming from ear to ear and why wouldn't they, because the event was a huge success!

Why did you decide to bring Cars and Coffee to New Zealand?

A- Sean, Helen and Ian are event managers based in Auckland. The foundations were laid down when Ian was working on a University assignment involving supercar owners. One thing led to another and next thing you know, Ian was speaking to the business developer in Europe. This long road has now led them to this point where they just wrapped up a successful inaugural event and planning for the next event can begin.

Were you happy with the turnout of cars and the enthusiasm of the owners?

A- They were blown away by the support they received from the car owners. What pleased them was that the owners, sponsors and press all had a great time on the day. Out of the 40ish cars that were registered only a couple didn't turn out which was less than expected. They were extremely pleased with the large crowds that turned out to see the amazing lineup of cars.

Are there any plans for events to be held in other locations around the country?

A-Christchurch is getting its own event very soon and after that, this phenomenon will reach other parts of the country. They have got a lot in store for next year and they say we can expect a lot more variety with the events. There will be public and private events, rallies, track days and other shows just like this. The sky is the limit for this amazing team!

When is the next planned event for Auckland?

A-No date has been confirmed yet but we can expect the next event to be held during this summer.

What was your favourite car from today?

A- Sean got to ride shotgun in a brand new McLaren 720S which just got picked up earlier this week and he said only the word 'sensational' could describe how incredible it was. The McLaren packs a whole lot of futuristic technology and it feels very smooth to drive compared to something like an Aventador. So naturally the 720S was Sean's pick of the day. Ian couldn't put his finger on a single car though the 675LT is his dream car and he was privileged to be in the company of two of them on the day. Overall, they were extremely pleased at the variety of cars there. There was everything from an insane twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan Avio to a 15 year old Ferrari 575M Maranello.

Are you planning to have even more supercars at the next event?

A- In short, Yes! The venue was the limiting factor on the day but they might even double the amount of cars at the next event should the venue allow for a gathering of that size. In total they received more than 90 registrations and it was an arduous task to narrow it down to around 40 cars. This meant that many nice cars couldn't make it to the event.

However, nothing could break the smile of this amazing team as they once again reflected on the success of the event and overwhelmingly positive response that they got. Finally they thanked me for being able to make it and I thanked them for having me.

While walking back to my humble vehicle, I reflected on the enjoyable day I had and all the great people I met. I got to spend the day doing something I love which is looking at nice cars and chatting to other enthusiasts. It was a perfect way to launch Cars and Coffee in the land of the long white cloud. I wish this team every success and I hope to see many more enjoyable events like these!

The Cars and Coffee NZ sticker adorns the side of this brand new McLaren 720S

Words and images by Matthew D'souza

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